Our unique niche in the marketplace enables us to:

• Assist in the development of a strategic acquisition plan
• Conduct a thorough, non-biased survey of available properties
• Conduct tours of preferred alternative properties
• Write proposals and/or offers representing terms & conditions advantageous to our clients
• Prepare detailed financial analysis for objective client evaluation
• Aggressively negotiate the final terms and conditions of every transaction
• Assist in the selection of consultants such as architects, engineers, & property managers
• Manage the transaction process until completion

Our full range of real estate services are designed to provide comprehensive information from which our clients can make knowledgeable decisions.

Strategic Planning

• Determine corporate objectives
• Inventory facility locations
• Evaluate current lease obligations
• Negotiate Lease expiration/termination costs
• Determine desired transaction: lease, purchase, joint venture, etc.
• Recommend professional services/consultants: legal, architectural, technical, etc.

Space Programming

• Existing space evaluation
• Interview key personnel
• Determine office and support area sizes and adjacencies
• Evaluate present and future staffing
• Identify special and unique requirements
• Confirm space standards
• Identify long lead items, assure order placement

Site Selection

• Survey available properties & spaces
• Locate design-build opportunities
• Identify purchase alternatives
• Evaluate location, access, amenities
• Compare economic terms
• Tour preferred alternatives
• Solicit proposals
• Micro/Macro analyses


• Perform financial analysis
• Facilitate transaction structure
• Define base building core and shell
• Refine construction workletter
• Limit expense pass-throughs
• Provide for expansion/renewal/cancellation
• Minimize business risk and liability
• Coordinate with legal review

Project Management

• Critique space plans
• Advise in selection of contractors/engineers
• Conduct bidding process
• Validate (review) construction fees
• Facilitate document approval process
• Monitor construction performance
• Promote value engineering
• Walk through evaluation for punch list comments

Relocation Management

• Establish move committee
• Consultant selection and negotiation
• Telecommunication, security systems
• Administrative systems
• Review procurement and installation of furniture and equipment
• Coordination of actual move-in
• Employee communication